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Constitutional Review Programmes:

Our Aims & Purpose

  • Programmes will usually embrace research, a series of conferences and seminars, publications arising from the research and related activities.   Our Programme will be guided by the following aims and purpose:

  • To conduct research into the nature of constitutions, the variables of success and failure, comparison across constitutions, relations between constitutions and the social, economic, and political dimensions.

  • To conduct studies of particular constitutional orders to assess their effectiveness, identify shortcomings, and propose strategies for improvement

  • To provide advice and counsel to governments, international organisations, civil society, and business on constitutional issues.

  • To draft or assist in the drafting of new or revised constitutions

  • To arrange courses on constitutional issues, tailored according to the interests and needs of diverse groups

  • To prepare and disseminate reports on issues of constitutional interest

  • To monitor and report on constitutional changes and developments across the nations of the world.     

  • To establish and maintain a data-base of national constitutions, recording changes and developments as they occur 


  • To launch a newsletter on constitutional issues nationally, regionally, and internationally, available on subscription 

  • To develop programmes of civic education

  • To devise alternative ways of conveying knowledge and information about constitutional issues for members of society, including children

Additional/Supplemental review elements

Reviews will seek working affiliations with relevant institutions based in the Constitution's Nation States. Advice and guidance will be sought from government officials and agencies, from the business and finance sectors, from the legal profession, and from civil society.


Review programmes include in-depth research of a multi-disciplinary kind, drawing on ideas, approaches, and methods from law, economics, politics, history, and sociology.


Research will include the close study of relevant documents; it will gather empirical evidence from relevant sources.. 

Reliability & Experience

All OCC research teams consist of researchers with the highest qualifications and experience  recruited to take part in the programmes. They are drawn from a range of disciplines, mainly: law, political science, economics, and sociology.

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