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pixselchat lounge

One of the most exciting innovations to hit the world of communication since the invention of the Internet, PixselChat really is a global game-changer. 


It is set to become an essential facility for any person or any organisation wanting or needing a communication platform with automatic, real time translation.

Designed primarily for text to text translation, PixselChat can also translate voice to text and voice to PixselChat Synthesized Voice where the required support is available. All this happens in real time and in over 100 languages and dialects.


PixselChat effectively removes the boundaries and limitations created by the lack of a common language and instead opens doors to limitless collaborative possibilities. Attending this Conference means you will be one of the first people in the world to experience this technology and to enjoy the facility that instant translation can bring. Easy to set up and use and with the familiar screen presence of other on-screen communication apps, PixselChat will change the way you hear things, bringing greater understanding and opening doors to previously unreachable collaborations across the language barriers of the globe.

powering uae50 

Pixsellar have chosen the UAE50 Conference to launch their latest technology and to provide us with ground-breaking translation facilities in real time.

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