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the uae50 conference

The UAE50 International Conference, in partnership with NYU Abu Dhabi was held in celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the UAE Constitution. A historic conference with notable speakers from the UAE and around the globe, drawn from the worlds of government, academia and law; the conference promoted the  building of  bridges of understanding and social development between nations.


Outstanding, informed opening addresses were given by His Excellency Zaki Nusseibeh, Cultural Adviser to the President of the UAE and the Chancellor of UAE University, and Rev Jonathan Aitken who, as a member of the British Government during the 1970's, was influential in the early stages of the drafting of the Constitution. Speakers also included Lord Udny-Lister of the UK-UAE Business Council, Prof. Yoseph M. Edrey, Professor Emeritus, Haifa University, Prof. John Sexton, Benjamin F Butler Professor of Law at New York University, Prof. El Maslouhi, Professor of Public Law at the UAE University and Professor John Coughlin of NYU Abu Dhabi. The conference also heard fascinating contributions from notable local and international luminaries.

Centred around three main sessions, the conference looked closely at the past, present and future impact of the Constitution.

The opening session addressed the making of the Constitution from both the UAE and British aspects as well as the history and social structure of the Gulf States. The second session took a more analytical view, appraising the present status affecting society, government and the law, and reviewed the nature, form and content of the Constitution. 

Finally, the last session provided an overview of the Constitution for the future from an international perspective, addressing the issues to be confronted in the next fifty years.

With each session punctuated by open forums and a final summary session at the close, the Conference presented analysis and knowledge sharing of considerable interest to a large cross section of society including government, academia, educational establishments and businesses.

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UAE50 was also the world's first conference to be translated in real time using the new, ground-breaking technology of PixselChat Lounge. The conference offered a soft-launch environment for this unique app and we are proud to have been early adopters of this new technology now set to be launched as a mobile app late in 2022.

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uae50 supporters

The UAE50 Conference received great support from the prominent interest groups such as BBG AD and UUBC. We are grateful too for the support from Sayah Engineering 

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